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Katniss and Daniel San

Melinda Bailey talks about tempers in pool and her pool blog.

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Melinda Bailey

Running Time: 1:00:05

WPBA Streaming: http://poolactiontv.com
WPBA Brackets: https://compusport.us/CS/GeneralSearch/Index/6017?callFromHomePage=True
Pool Is A Journey Blog: http://pooljourney.blogspot.com

Tornado On TV

Jerry Forsyth talks about the concept of the “Greatest Of All Time” and makes some comparisons in the pool world.

Vivian Villarreal talks about her upcoming tournament and all of the other things she has working in pool right now.

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Jerry Forsyth, Vivian Villarreal

Running Time: 52:27

Tornado Open Website: https://www.thetornadoopen.com


Freezing In The Desert

Adrianne Beach talks about the North American Pool Tour and their recent open division announcement.

Then Scott Frost talks about the West Coast Swing and owning his own room.

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Adrianne Beach, Scott Frost

Running Time: 41:23

North American Pool Tour: http://playnapt.com

“I Realized How Much I Sucked”

We talk to Oscar Dominguez about action matches, the Mezz West State Tour and the bootcamps being held to make Team USA.

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Oscar Dominguez

Running Time: 38:43

Mezz West State Tour: http://mezzweststatetour.com

The Ladies In Louisiana & The Fourteen Candidates

We talk to Dean Roeseler from the WPBA about their plans for the rest of 2018 and then we talk to Luke Riches from Matchroom Multi Sport about the US Open and the list of candidates for the Mosconi Cup’s Team USA

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Dean Roeseler, Luke Riches

Running Time: 1:00:20

WPBA: http://www.wpba.com