The Best Text Message That Niels Never Sent

Mike Howerton chats this week with Ted Lerner.

Ted talks about the World Pool Masters, Carlo Biado and his place amongst the Filipino players, the Mosconi Cup and the state of pool around the world.

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Ted Lerner

Running Time: 54:09


Erik Wins the Swanee and Pat Fleming looks for his shirt

Mike Howerton chats this week with Erik Hjorleifson and Pat Fleming.

Erik talks about his win at the Jay Swanson Memorial and the state of pool in Canada, and Pat talks about hie living legends challenge, the Accu-Stats video on demand service and plans for future matches.

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Erik Hjorleifson, Pat Fleming

Cue Sport Nation Website:
Accu-Stats Website:

Running Time: 44:20


Getting The Band Back Together

In a continuation of all of Mr Bond’s hard work, Mike Howerton chats with Mark Cantrill and Melinda Bailey about the show, Mr Bond and their lives lately.

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Mark Cantrill, Melinda Bailey

Melinda’s Blog URL:

Running Time: 1:15


Former Teammates Clinch Turning Stone

Join us for a discussion of this week’s headlines; Billy Thorpe‘s controversial win, and the WPBA Grand Slam with Mike Howerton of AZ Billiards. Author Melinda Bailey chats with us about SMART goals for 2018.

Running Time: 1:04


The New Brunswick Gold Crown VI

Join us for a Q & A session about the new table with 20-year Brunswick designer and engineer; Ted Caron. Merry Christmas to all from American Billiard Radio !

Running Time: 38:00


The 2017 Dream Crusher

This Year’s Mosconi Cup ended with a decisive European victory, and a lot of shocked American fans. What went wrong in the U.S. camp? Join us for a discussion of the disappointing results with Team USA coach Johan Ruysink, Dennis Hatch and Oscar Dominguez. Also hear from the young European star who fired in the winning ball, Joshua Filler.

Running Time: 26:52


The Final Countdown

With only 4 days remaining, will Team USA be ready for the battle that lies ahead? Team USA member Oscar Dominguez believes they are. Join us for a chat with Oscar, and author Melinda Bailey, only on American Billiard Radio.

Running Time: 31:06


Team USA Itching To Win

This week we chat with two more Team USA members about their pre-game training; Mr. Dennis Hatch and Sky Woodward. Alison Fischer is on the scene at the Accustats – Make it Happen event and catches up with Bob Maidhof, owner of the famous Drexeline Billiards.

The Mosconi Cup Countdown

Team USA is preparing for the ultimate battle, with former Team Europe coach Johan Ruysink. Join us this week for a chat with Johan, and the youngest U.S. team member in the history of the event, Billy Thorpe. Melinda Bailey discusses the differences between male and female tournament directors.

The U.S. Open Rages On

Join us for a discussion of the latest developments at The Open, and the upcoming Mosconi Cup, with our on-the-scene commentator, author, and former Team U.S.A. coach Mark Wilson.

Running Time: 36:36