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A Kinder Gentler Fireball, And The History Of The Camel Tour

Mike talks to Mike Dechaine about his Super Billiards Expo win and where he is currently at in his pool career.
Then Mike talks to Jerry Forsyth about the history of the Camel Pro Billiards Series

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Mike Dechaine, Jerry Forsyth

Running Time: 1:10:23

Has Dechaine Retired?

Join us this week for a chat with the American pro Mike Dechaine as he discusses his career and his future plans. On the opposite end of the continent, Chris Swart joins us from California to give us the low-down on this year’s West Coast Swing.

Running Time: 43:24


Team USA Fire and Ice

Join us this week for a chat with two of our Team USA members, Mike “Fireball” Dechaine and Justin “The Iceman” Bergman, as they look forward to the big matches and challenges that lie just ahead.

Running Time: 38:35


Mike Dechaine and the Movie Makers

Join us tonight for a chat with Mike Dechaine about his past year, and his spot on Team USA. Mike Howerton speaks with Phil Messina and David Thomson about their plans to produce a documentary called: From Hustler To Champion.

Show Features: Mike Dechaine, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Phil Messina, David Thomson, Mike Howerton
Running Time: 1:11


Ready, Set, Hustle!

Tonight we hear from the champion Thorsten Hohmann, who just plowed through the Archer Cup event undefeated, about what he does to ” ready ” himself for top level play, and how he stays focused along the way. We also chatted with Mike Dechaine about his match preparation practices, his Mosconi Cup aspirations and the new TV show he is featured in; ” The Hustlers” which premiers tomorrow night on the TruTV network. See if you can help Mr. Bond find the missing grave location of Lansing Perkins, who was a deputy sheriff during the hunt for Wyatt Earp, and later became the nation’s foremost billiard instructor.

Show Features: Thorsten Hohmann, Mark Cantrill, Mike Dechaine, Mike Howerton, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 59 mins.

Team USA Profile #3 – Sossei

Tonight we talk with the “Giant Killer” Jeremy Sossei about qualifying for Team USA. Mr. Bond chats with Dr. Dave about his scientific history with the game and his offer to match contributions to the BEF. Mike Howerton speaks candidly with Mike DeChaine about his current state of affairs and his thoughts about this year’s Mosconi Cup.

Show features: Dr. Dave Alciatore, David “Mr. Bond”, Mike Howerton, Mike DeChaine, Mary Ann Starkey, Luther Gillespie, Mark Cantrill, Jeremy Sossei, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time 1:23

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