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Pool Time Radio – June 10, 2014

On tonight’s episode Todd and Darryl talk about the upcoming Skylar vs. Jesse Bowman match. Pool Time is sponsoring the stream hosted at Side Pockets North in KC along with tournaments on each night of play. We interview Bill Fickle the owner of Side Pockets in Blue Springs about the billiard industry. Pool Time is now recorded live at Side Pockets in Blue Springs every Monday at 12 pm.

Running Time: 39mins

No better time than Pool Time!

Pool Time Radio – May 20, 2014

Todd and Darryl talk a bit about the ethics of splitting the money in tournaments, some interviews with local players, re-cap of the 500 added 8 ball tournament over the weekend at Shooters Olathe.

Running Time: 38 minutes

No better time than Pool Time !

Pool Time Radio – May 13, 2014

Darryl and Todd talk about results of local tournaments, the rise of the high entry no [money] added tournaments that transitions into the pool players trying to qualify for the snooker tour. They also take a look at the plethora of leagues available to the Kansas City area.

Running Time: 47 minutes

No Better Time Than Pool Time!

Pool Time Radio – May 6, 2014

This show is a re-introduction to “Pool Time”, an update on how the local KC players did in the national APA singles over the weekend, the history of Big Bertha from Raytown Rec from Don Brink, and an overview of the best weekly tournaments in the KC metro area.

Running Time: 45 minutes

No better time than Pool Time !