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Tornado On TV

Jerry Forsyth talks about the concept of the “Greatest Of All Time” and makes some comparisons in the pool world.

Vivian Villarreal talks about her upcoming tournament and all of the other things she has working in pool right now.

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Jerry Forsyth, Vivian Villarreal

Running Time: 52:27

Tornado Open Website: https://www.thetornadoopen.com


Team USA Pool Party

And you’re invited! Coach Mark Wilson shares the exciting details of this year’s big event. Vivian Villarreal speaks candidly about the confusion and disappointment surrounding her recent Tornado Open at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Florida.

Show Features: Mark Wilson, Vivian Villarreal, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”

Running Time: 1:20


Tornado Warning In Florida

Join us this week for a chat with multi-title holder Vivian Villarreal as she prepares to rock the pool world with her 100k Tornado Open. And as everyone descends on Florida, Tony Crosby’s warm-up event is the place to be. Listen in as Tony gives us the history of his exploits in this crazy game we call pool.

Show Features: Vivian Villarreal, Tony Crosby, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”

Running Time: 52:21


The Lion and the Texas Tornado

Mike Howerton chats with Vivian Villarreal about the state of tournament play and her own upcoming event. Mr. Bond talks with Stan Shuffett about the concepts behind his “Center To Edge” teaching methods. Mark Cantrill gets the facts from Alex Pagulayan about his decision to pursue snooker. Alison gets the gossip from Predator Cue rep Gail Glazebrook Robles about walking down the aisle with Tony Robles, as well as their launch of the NYC BCAPL 8-Ball Championships.

Show Features: Stan Shuffett, David “Mr. Bond”, Gail Glazebrook Robles, Alison Fischer, Michael Medley, Mary Ann Starkey, Mark Cantrill, Alex Pagulayan, Mike Howerton, Vivian Villarreal, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:40

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