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Learning From The Past: Have We?

Mark Cantrill offers up opinions on pool player behavior and a brief Mosconi Cup update. Mr. Bond gets out the soap box, and also speaks with Billiards Digest publisher Mike Panozzo about the challenges of magazine production vs the internet, and what might be good for men’s pro pool. Jerry T. talks about growing up with pool and the influence of Allen Hopkins and his Super Billiard Expo. Mary Ann speaks with Janet Atwell about Borderline Billiards and the effects of the information age on the hustler’s game.

Show features: David “Mr. Bond”, Mike Panozzo, Mark Cantrill, Mary Ann Starkey, Janet Atwell, Alison Fischer, Jerry T., Scott Lee and Randy GMusic provided by: Phil and “Uncle Duke” Keaggy

Running Time: 1:40

Get your game on –  It’s time for another round of American Billiard Radio!

The Beard, The Angel and The Toaster

Chicago legend Freddy “The Beard” needs to borrow $21 dollars. Anybody have some spare change? German champion Thorsten Hohmann takes Minneapolis to the top, and talks about what he likes (and doesn’t like) about the new game “Bonus Ball”. Angel Levine has a new baby – she’s “Raising The Hustler”. PBIA Instructor Mark Finklestein talks about why he loves to teach.

Show features: Mark “The Oracle” Cantrill, Angel Levine, Mike Howerton, Thorsten Hohmann, Jason “Buffalo” Hunt, Mary Ann Starkey, Alison Fischer, Mark Finklestein, David “Mr. Bond”, Freddy Da Beard, Scott Lee and Randy G.

Running Time: 1:52

Join us for another hair raising, beard raising and hustler raising adventure!

The Man Ref and The Lady Ref

Mark Cantrill talks with one of the best known refs in pool and billiards; Michaela Tabb. Mike Howerton speaks with Joe Tucker about a revolutionary “non league” league that is perfect for a family man who also loves pool. Alison and Jerry T. discuss the success of the Derby City Classic and Bonus Ball, and Mr. Bond gets the lowdown on Mosconi vs Fats from the man who made it happen; legendary promoter and ref turned historian; Charles Ursitti.

Show Features: Michaela Tabb, Mark Cantrill, Mary Ann Starkey, Chris Wilson, Joe Tucker, Mike Howerton, Alison Fischer, Jerry T, David “Mr. Bond”, Charles Ursitti, Scott Lee and Randy G. 

Running Time: 1:58

Call in sick and turn off the tube, it’s time for some American Billiard Radio !

Politics of Pool Production

Mr. Bond and Justin Collett of The Action Report talk about what’s good and bad in the realm of producing pool video. Emily Duddy and Alison Fischer discuss current events in the WPBA including the coming board elections. Mark Cantrill gets frosty with Scott Frost as they discuss Derby City money matches. Instructional tips with Scott Lee and Randy G.

Show Features: Scott Frost, Mark Cantrill, Ed Liddawi ( Sandcastle Billiards ), Emily Duddy, Alison Fischer, David “Mr. Bond”, Justin Collett, Mary Ann Starkey, Scott Lee, Randy G. 

Running Time 1:42

Play Pool – because a bad day on the table is better than a good day at work!