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The Man Ref and The Lady Ref

Mark Cantrill talks with one of the best known refs in pool and billiards; Michaela Tabb. Mike Howerton speaks with Joe Tucker about a revolutionary “non league” league that is perfect for a family man who also loves pool. Alison and Jerry T. discuss the success of the Derby City Classic and Bonus Ball, and Mr. Bond gets the lowdown on Mosconi vs Fats from the man who made it happen; legendary promoter and ref turned historian; Charles Ursitti.

Show Features: Michaela Tabb, Mark Cantrill, Mary Ann Starkey, Chris Wilson, Joe Tucker, Mike Howerton, Alison Fischer, Jerry T, David “Mr. Bond”, Charles Ursitti, Scott Lee and Randy G. 

Running Time: 1:58

Call in sick and turn off the tube, it’s time for some American Billiard Radio !