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The Best Text Message That Niels Never Sent

Mike Howerton chats this week with Ted Lerner.

Ted talks about the World Pool Masters, Carlo Biado and his place amongst the Filipino players, the Mosconi Cup and the state of pool around the world.

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Ted Lerner

Running Time: 54:09


A Wolf on the Prowl

Tonight join us for a chat with the upcoming pool animal Shane Wolford, on the heels of his 5th junior title win in 7 years. Can you hear the howl? Alison Fischer updates us live from New York at the WPS event with press agent Ted Lerner.

Running Time: 39:23


The WPS Revolution Begins

Multiple title holder Darren Appleton and Co. have started a revolutionary new “pro tour” in the U.S. and it’s making big waves. Join us for a chat with the always-exciting, international pool media representative Ted Lerner as we discuss this exciting new series of events.

Running Time 39:55


The View From The Top

Mike Howerton chats with author and WPA media rep Ted Lerner about pool in the Philippines, The Ko brothers, and pool in general. Mark Cantrill speaks with Abram Diaz about artistic pool players and their boycott-worthy issues with the promotion of their sport.

Show Features: Ted Lerner, Mike Howerton, Abram Diaz, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:48


2013 State of the Union – Inaugural Address

Why so glum? Did your local pool hall shut down? Where’s the pool on TV? Doesn’t anyone play anymore? What can be done to bolster the troops? What happened to Team USA at the Mosconi Cup Tournament? Was it the best we can do?

Tonight’s show features: Tweeten president Skip Nemecek, WPA press officer Ted Lerner, Alison Fischer, Mark Cantrill, Jerry Forsyth, Mike Howerton and David “Mr. Bond”.

Running time 1:39

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