Monthly Archives: February 2017

Frost’s Six-Figure Showdown

Tonight we welcome back Mark Cantrill as he talks with Scott Frost about his recent TV appearance, his new pool hall, and his upcoming big-money-match against Dennis Orcullo.

Running Time: 46:13


Lady’s Night

Join us for a chat with two new members of the American Billiard Radio team: Representing our country’s thriving female player contingency, and located in two of the strongest pool scenes in the U.S., please welcome back Allison Fischer of New York City, and give a warm welcome to Melinda Bailey down in the great state of Texas.  

Running Time: 29:35


Billy The Kid Shoots Lights Out

Nobody saw him coming, and like a bandit in the night, he left the building with the cash. Tonight we chat with the newest and youngest ever Derby City Classic one-pocket title winner, Billy Thorpe.

Running Time: 20:19