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CSI Heats Up Vegas

This week the U.S. pool world shifts it’s focus to Las Vegas where the U.S. Open 8 Ball, 10 Ball, and BCAPL nationals are currently under way. Join us for a chat with Ozzy Reynolds of CSI for the latest news and developments. We also spent some time catching up with one of the top female pool icons from the Lone-Star State, Ms. Melinda Bailey.

Show Features: Melinda Bailey, Ozzy Reynolds, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Noelle

Running Time: 1:14


Got Rank?

Mark Cantrill and Mr. Bond chat about the possible demise of The Hustlers tv show and discuss Charlie Williams’ World 14.1 tournament. Mike Howerton and Ozzy Reynolds of CSI discuss a new nationwide player ranking system – and their schedule of events surrounding the USAPL and BCAPL championships, and the US Open 8ball and 10ball tournaments.

Show Features: Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Ozzy Reynolds, Mike Howerton, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:15

To Host A Tournament – Part 2

This is the second of two episodes dedicated to the complexity of hosting a major tournament event. Tonight we hear from Ozzy Osbourne Reynolds of CSI about some of the ” best practices” when running an enormous event. Ozzy also explains some of the logic behind the use of 7 foot tables over 9 foot. Mark Cantrill speaks with the legendary player and promoter Allen Hopkins, about his enormous event, the Super Billiards Expo, and about what he believes pool needs to have in the future to succeed. Scott Lee and Randy G. discuss ‘ how to become and instructor’ .

Show Features: Ozzy Reynolds, David “Mr. Bond”, Allen Hopkins, Mark Cantrill, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:48

Keepin’ It Real With Oscar Dominguez

Tune in tonight for a frank discussion with Oscar, Mark Cantrill and Mr. Bond about the Mezz Tour, Barry Berhman, and the feelings of a Mosconi Cup candidate who got the axe.

How exactly would you feel?

Would you go to Blackpool if you weren’t playing on the team?

Mike Howerton chats with Ozzy Reynolds of CSI about what the future holds and what’s going on in Arizona.

Show Features: Oscar Dominguez, Ozzy Reynolds, Mark Cantrill, Mary Ann Starkey, Tracy Whitney, Mike Howerton, David “Mr. Bond”.

Running Time: 1:32

Peeling The Onion

Rick Bryant talks with David Jacoby of Jacoby Custom Cues about his role with the ACA and how he began in the business.

Mark Cantrill and Mr. Bond discuss the recent CSI invitational event (and the controversy of Ralph Souquet bowing out at the last minute) with Ozzy Reynolds and Mark Griffin.

Show Features: David Jacoby, Rick Bryant, David “Mr. Bond”, Mark Griffin, Mark Cantrill, Ozzy Reynolds, Mary Ann Starkey, Ken Hoshide, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:41

Turn off the tube, rack up a game, and turn on American Billiard Radio !

Future Champions Made Here

Mark Cantrill chats with Mark Griffin and Ozzy Reynolds of CSI about the Mosconi Cup contenders and the CSI Invitationals. David “Mr. Bond” speaks with three-time Junior National champion April Larson. Alison Fischer and Jerry T. talk about current events happening around New York, including the upcoming Tri-State Tour Invitational, and also talk about giving pool players a channel to share their stories.

Show Features: Mark Griffin, Ozzy Reynolds, Mark Cantrill, April Larson, David “Mr. Bond”, Alison Fischer, Jerry Tarantola, Mary Ann Starkey, Sheri Dadian, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time:  1:35

Happy Birthday U.S.A. !!

2013 State of the Union Address – Part II

2013 State of the Union Address – Part II

Will [past or future] behavior of professional pool players affect whether they are allowed to play? Should it? And who will (if anyone) finally quell the storm of disarray in the pool industry? Will the revolution be televi…er…um…live streamed?

Tonight’s show features: Cue Sports International CEO Mark Griffin, New CSI manager Ozzy Reynolds, PBIA instructor Randy Goettlicher, Mike Howerton, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”.

Running time: 1:33

Who says you can’t play ball in the house? Pour a cold one and kick back with a little American Billiard Radio.