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The 2017 Dream Crusher

This Year’s Mosconi Cup ended with a decisive European victory, and a lot of shocked American fans. What went wrong in the U.S. camp? Join us for a discussion of the disappointing results with Team USA coach Johan Ruysink, Dennis Hatch and Oscar Dominguez. Also hear from the young European star who fired in the winning ball, Joshua Filler.

Running Time: 26:52


The Mosconi Cup Countdown

Team USA is preparing for the ultimate battle, with former Team Europe coach Johan Ruysink. Join us this week for a chat with Johan, and the youngest U.S. team member in the history of the event, Billy Thorpe. Melinda Bailey discusses the differences between male and female tournament directors.

Coach vs Coach

U.S. Open founder Barry Behrman discusses the results of his event with Mike Howerton. Mark Cantrill talks with Team USA coach Mark Wilson while Mr. Bond talks with Team Europe coach Johan Ruysink about the coming Mosconi Cup event, along with a friendly wager.

Show Features: Barry Behrman, Mike Howerton, Mark Cantrill, Mark Wilson, David “Mr. Bond”, Johan Ruysink.

Running Time 2:04

2013 ABR State of the Union Address – Test Episode

Is the pool and billiard industry of America in disarray? Is the victory of Europe over USA in the 20th Annual Mosconi Cup Tournament a testament to the popular attitude towards pool in general? This week, and for the next several weeks we’ll be discussing the fractured state of pool and billiards in the U.S. and what the future may possibly hold for one of our country’s oldest and most popular pastimes.

This week’s sneak-preview episode features: Team Europe coach Johan Ruysink, Mosconi Cup founder Barry Hearn, David “Mr. Bond”, Sal Butera, Mark Cantrill, Alison Fischer.