Monthly Archives: January 2015

Propositions, Picks, and Promises

Tune in tonight for a round-table discussion with Mike Howerton, Mark Cantrill and Mr. Bond about overlapping events, Derby City updates, U.S. Open payments, Matchroom points for bar-box events and the new Diamond Southwest Tour. Scott Lee and Randy G. discuss instructor Stan Shuffet.

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Mary Ann Starkey, Brian Grube Sr., Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time 1:12

The Derby City Classic

Tonight we hear from two-time Turning Stone 9ball champion Jayson Shaw. Mike Howerton speaks with Paul Potier about the finer points of Chinese 8ball, the huge money at stake and his instructional programs. Mr. Bond gets an update from the man behind the Derby City Classic, Mr. Greg Sullivan. MaryAnn speaks with the owner of NYC ‘s Gotham City billiard hall. Scott Lee and Randy G discuss your break shot.

Show Features: Jayson Shaw, Paul Potier, Isabel Buckley, Greg Sullivan, David “Mr. Bond”, Mark Cantrill, Mike Howerton, Mary Ann Starkey, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:13

It’s Pool Season

Tonight we hear from the Music City Open tournament director Steve McDonald about what’s happening in Nashville. Alison speaks with John Morra about his fate at the recent Turning Stone event and his upcoming exhibition match. Mark Cantrill speaks with both Chris Bartram and Jonathan Pinegar (” Hennessee “) about their upcoming money match.

Show Features: John Morra, Steve McDonald, Chris Bartram, Jonathan Pinegar, Alison Fischer, David “Mr. Bond”, Mark Cantrill, Mary Ann Starkey, Scott Lee, Randy G., Colin Brandt, and a special report featuring Barry Behrman.

Running Time 1:16

American Road Player

This week we hear from one of the American Road Player producers Peyton Thomas about the show and what’s happening next.  And …did you know Mike Massey was a musician? How about Dawn Hopkins? Did you know high-end cue maker Jerry McWorter is too?

Hear some of their music tonight!

Show Features: Peyton Thomas, Mary Ann Starkey, David “Mr. Bond” and music by Jerry McWorter, Mike Massey, Dawn Hopkins.

Running Time: 55 mins