Monthly Archives: March 2015

Not Your Mother’s Instructor

Tonight we hear from perhaps the most energetic and unusual pool instructor in the country: “The Drill Instructor” Mr. Dominic Esposito. His militant drill-instructor persona is truly something to behold. Join us as we get the low-down on his beginnings in this career, as well as the various programs and products he offers.

Show Features: Dominic Esposito, Rick Bryant, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time 1:11

U.S. Open Redux

Tonight we get to hear some candid commentary from Barry Behrman about the U.S. Open and it’s friends and foes. Listener discretion is advised. Female champion Jennifer Barretta discusses being elected to represent the “west” in the Queen’s Cup competition, and the stark contrast of playing before an audience of appreciative pool fans. Scott Lee and Randy G. talk about the most common cue handling mistakes.

Show Features: Jennifer Barretta, Barry Behrman, Mark Cantrill, Alison Fischer, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:22

A Tribute To The Irish

Did you know that pool and billiards in the U.S. was very heavily influenced by the Irish?

Along with baseball, boxing and a number of other sports…

Join us tonight for a tribute to the Irish, the forefathers of our favorite game(s).

Have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Show Features: Mark O’Cantrill, David Hennigan Bond, Scotty MacLee, Randy G. Murphy. (even you can be Irish for a day 🙂

Running Time: 54 Mins

Mosconi Cup Modus

Mark Cantrill (and Mike Howerton) speaks with Luke Riches of Matchroom Sports about their new points system for qualifying the U.S. Mosconi Cup team members, and also discuss some questions on the subject submitted by AZB patrons. Rick Bryant chats with Pat Diveney about his cue making career. Scott Lee and Randy G discuss how to draw the ball effectively.

Show Features: Luke Riches, Mark Cantrill, Mike Howerton, David “Mr. Bond”, Rick Bryant, Pat Diveney, Scott Lee and Randy G.

Running Time: 1:02