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Learning From The Past: Have We?

Mark Cantrill offers up opinions on pool player behavior and a brief Mosconi Cup update. Mr. Bond gets out the soap box, and also speaks with Billiards Digest publisher Mike Panozzo about the challenges of magazine production vs the internet, and what might be good for men’s pro pool. Jerry T. talks about growing up with pool and the influence of Allen Hopkins and his Super Billiard Expo. Mary Ann speaks with Janet Atwell about Borderline Billiards and the effects of the information age on the hustler’s game.

Show features: David “Mr. Bond”, Mike Panozzo, Mark Cantrill, Mary Ann Starkey, Janet Atwell, Alison Fischer, Jerry T., Scott Lee and Randy GMusic provided by: Phil and “Uncle Duke” Keaggy

Running Time: 1:40

Get your game on –  It’s time for another round of American Billiard Radio!