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ABR Special Report: Team USA To Battle Overseas

Join us for a chat with the Team USA coaches from their secret training bunker in Marietta, Georgia, as the Atlantic Challenge Cup countdown begins and the junior team prepares to wage war. Featuring: Allison Fisher, Johnny Archer, Earl Munson, Michael Panozzo, Skip Nemecek, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”.

Running Time: 33:35


Atlantic Challenge Cup Takes The Stage

This week’s headlines – a whole lot of pool in July – plus an introduction to this year’s Junior Team USA preparing for battle. Also chapter 5 and 6 of Willie Hoppe’s book Thirty Years of Billiards.

Show Features: Chris Robinson, Ryan Ponton, Shane Wolford, Ricky Evans, April Larson, Serena Black, Earl Munson, David “Mr. Bond”

Running Time: 20:32


The Hall of Fame Awaits

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about pool’s Hall of Fame and how the induction process works, from Mike Panozzo, publisher of Billiards Digest magazine. And as the Atlantic Challenge Cup quickly approaches, we’re also chatting with the coach of Team USA , Earl Munson, about what they expect and what they’re doing to prepare for this epic battle between the youth of USA and Europe.

Show Features: Mike Panozzo, Mark Cantrill, Earl Munson, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:12