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Mark vs Marcus

Team USA coach Mark Wilson has something new to keep him up at night – Team Europe has armed themselves with a new coach, Marcus Chamat, who is well qualified to fit the bill. Will he make a difference? Join us tonight as Mark Cantrill chats with the new coach about the large shoes he has to fill. And speaking of Europe vs USA, Mr. Bond talks with Samm Diep of the Billiard Education Foundation about the process of selecting 6 qualified juniors to represent the U.S. in the new Atlantic Challenge Cup. Alison catches up with Brandon Shuff at the SBE about his recent Maryland 9ball title win and his new approach to the game. Scott Lee and Randy G discuss the ins-and-outs of all the aiming methods out there.

Show Features: Marcus Chamat, Mark Cantrill, Samm Diep, David “Mr. Bond”, Brandon Shuff, Alison Fischer, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 53 Mins