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All Killer, No Filler

Mark Cantrill and Mr. Bond talk with the upcoming monster Sky Woodward who just snapped off an undefeated win against Shane et al at the Smokin Aces tourney. Mike Howerton chats with Rachel Lang, the junior monster who is planning to attend the junior world competition in China. Alison Fischer speaks with German master Ralph Eckert about his career and his new training app. Rick Bryant brings us another great Q-talk segment with OB Cues co-founder Royce Bunnell.

Show Features: Royce Bunnell, Rick Bryant, Ralph Eckert, Alison Fischer, Rachel Lang, Mike Howerton, Mary Ann Starkey, Ali Alashi, Scott Lee, Randy G., Mark Cantrill, Skyler Woodward, David “Mr. Bond”.

Running Time: 1:38

Want to be a pro? Practice till you fall asleep, and then practice some more.